Cedar Baptist Church

Pastor's Book Club

Starting January 2, 2021
When?  Saturdays 10 am to 11 am

Where?  On church conference calls 

The conference call number is 1-617-944-8869.
Book Club Schedule 2021

January-March- Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open by Dr. Eleanor Newhouse Graves
January 2, 2021- Authorology
March 27, 2021- Wrap Up
April-June- Biblical Dysfunctional Families that Made it and now so you, no more excuses!  by Sandra Ekenyoung
April 3, 2021- Authorology
June 26, 2021- Wrap Up
July-September- "Journey of Faith" by Dr. Dee Dee Swindell
July 3, 2021- Authorology
September 25, 2021- Wrap Up
October-December- S.W.E.A.T.S the Arlene Spann Weight Loss Program by Arlene Spann
October 2, 2021-Authorology
December 18, 2021- Wrap Up

  For more information or to get your own copy of the book, call 240-817-9044 or email pastortillman@yahoo.com


You must purchase your own book.